CENIBRA contributes to improve its employees’ productivity and quality of living by making available extensive coverage in a number of areas (medicine, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, dental care, ophthalmology, and funeral assistance) under a self-management system. The occupational medicine area is engaged in projects aiming at improving the employees’ physical and mental integrity.

The Company maintains an Occupational Health Center with qualified and trained professionals to provide its employees with medical consultations and exams. CENIBRA has purchased a Mobile ICU, in order to ensure quick medical care and nursing in situations of emergency and risk

CENIBRA makes available at its premises a professional who collects laboratory analysis material and a phonoaudiology lab which takes occupational audiology exams.

Supplementary Pension Fund – Extra Worth Plan

This is a mixed benefit plan, in which employees choose how much they want to contribute and how they plan to receive the programmed retirement benefits, without any ties to the official Social Security, while the Company participates with the same value chosen by the employee, limited to 9% of the base salary.

MedicinadoTrabalhoSemanadaSaude1The Extra Worth Plan offers the following benefits:

To the employee:
– Normal and accelerated retirement pension
– Supplementation of retirement due to disability
– Supplementation of sickness benefit
– Supplementation of annual bonus
– Revenue from annual bonus
– Severance-related benefits
– Mutual credit
– Redemption
– Supplementation of sickness and work accident benefit

To the dependents:
– Supplementation of pension due to death
– Pension income due to death
– Supplementation of annual bonus
– Revenue from annual bonus
– Mutual credit