CENIBRA Multifunction Park

An environment dedicated to promoting citizenship


Recognized as one of Belo Oriente’s main tourist attractions, the Multifunction Park is the outcome of a partnership between CENIBRA, CENIBRA Institute and the municipal government. Built in a place formerly known as Codestra, the Park provides the community with extensive green area, an interpretative ecological track, a hiking trail, a shed for events and seminars, structures for social projects, and a leisure and sports area, as well as a Cultural Center comprising library, art gallery, and an amphitheater.

The newly opened Cultural Center was created with an aim of providing a space for relaxation, appreciation of traditions and cultural events, and fostering reading, in addition to enhancing awareness and learning and helping the local community develop a sense of critical thinking.

The construction of the Cultural Center was funded through the PRONAC (National Culture Support Program) under the Cultural Incentive Law and in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism’s Special Culture Department.


Designed as a multipurpose space, the Library is the Cultural Center’s largest building, including a reception area, ample space for collections, a kitchen, and a digital room for studies. It offers children, young people, adults, and the elderly a world of discoveries and allows everyone to travel through fantasy and discover the surrounding universe.


Arts gallery

Built with glass and wood, the Art Gallery brings a touch of sophistication to the Cultural Center and promotes art exhibitions and a variety of artistic events. Its proposal is to value the work of local cultural groups and artists and encourage the emergence of new talents through projects to develop self-confidence and motor, creative, and social skills.



The Amphitheater was designed as a stage for a wide range of artistic activities. Robust and cozy, the space features 140 seats, dressing rooms, stage, offstage, and restrooms, in addition to a special lighting system. The goal is not only to provide entertainment, but also foster creativity and reflection and strengthen social relationships. Its ultimate purpose is rediscovery and establishing new meanings.



CENIBRA Institute has held themed events and developed social projects in the Multifunction Park since 2016. These projects focus on educational, sports, and cultural development and income generation, seeking to get the local community involved and stir up entrepreneurship, critical thinking, creativity, and empathy.

One of these projects is the Handicraft Group of Cachoeira Escura (GRACE), which uses handicrafts to enable women to participate and contribute to local economic development. Decorative pieces, household items, and small works of art are made from a by-product of the pulp manufacturing process.

By prioritizing the collective well-being and integrated municipality development, CENIBRA Institute believes that the Multifunction Park is an important way of fostering people’s contact with nature, while supporting social and cultural development. The harmonious relationship in a space dedicated to promoting citizenship brings social and ecological benefits and improves people’s quality of life.