CENIBRA Institute

InstitutoCenibraIconeCENIBRA relies on CENIBRA Institute to support its social initiatives, particularly the management, impact evaluation, and implementation of projects. For the past 18 years, the Institute has been responsible for the Company’s social orientation and qualification of its social investments. In 2019, social actions were oriented towards investments in educational and local development projects.

In this sense, CENIBRA Institute sought to concentrate its efforts on initiatives to foster community growth through social projects for educational improvement, professional training, and cooperativism. Thus, cultural and sports projects were based on a pedagogical approach. In addition, job and income generation initiatives were carried out.

Overall, 19 projects were funded under tax incentive arrangements, 19 income generation projects were supported through CENIBRA’s own funds, and 62 sponsorship applications with varied interests and objectives were approved.

CENIBRA Institute’s principles

To implement actions focused on the economic and social development by means of income and job generation programs, education and environmental protection.

To support authentic, legitimate initiatives by the communities located within the area of influence of CENIBRA and its affiliated and controlled companies.

To give priority to initiatives by non-government organizations duly registered and enjoying real representativeness.

Main Strategies

– To promote permanent dialogue and keep communication channels with the communities with an aim to highlight and enhance the relations with the various society segments in the towns within the company’s area of influence;
– To positively interact with both government and non-government organizations, particularly in the frame of projects and actions in line with the Institute’s Mission and Principles;
– To promote the integration of service and goods suppliers, customers and employees as partners and agents co-responsible for the implementation of the policies of the Institute members in their relations with the community;
– To identify and improve synergies, and act as a catalyzing agent in projects and actions to the benefit of the inhabitants of towns located within the company’s area of influence;
– To set up partnerships with both government and non-government organizations to implement projects and actions with an aim to promote regional development;
– To foster employees’ voluntary participation in the Institute’s projects and actions.

Examples of Projects
Farming Partnerships

This partnership among CENIBRA Institute, municipal administrations, and rural unions aims at generating income and job opportunities for family farmers and improve their living conditions by granting land areas for crops. EMATER (Rural Technology Support Company of Minas Gerais State) provides the necessary technical support, while local administrations supply agriculture inputs and implements.

  • Target Audience: Family farmers from the municipalities of Belo Oriente, Caratinga, Coluna, Ipaba and Virginópolis

Partnerships with Beekeepers

CENIBRA Institute has entered into partnership agreements with beekeepers associations according to which beekeepers are granted access and allowed to use Permanent Preservation Areas and areas close to eucalyptus plantations to install beehives. This Project has great social, economic, and environmental impact, as it creates new jobs and income for beekeepers and their families, while preserving the environment. CENIBRA’s share of the output is distributed among employees, visitors, and customers. This program relies on support from local administrations, SENAR (National Rural Education Service), and EMATER (Rural Technology Support Company of Minas Gerais State).

  • Target Audience: Beekeepers from 13 associations located in areas in which the company operates

Environment and Arts

The purpose of the Environment and Arts Project is to encourage new reflexive human, educational, cultural, and environmental relations for the construction of a critical consciousness through theater plays and lectures on forest fires and myths and truths about eucalyptus forests.

  • Target Audience: 6,342 people from the communities of Antônio Dias, Cantagalo, Catas Altas, Ferros, Guanhães, Iapu, Mesquita, Naque and Peçanha


Encouraging sports practice, social integration, and recreation through the Sports Incentive Act and company funds. The project provides children and teens with classes in judo, volleyball, soccer, indoor soccer, and jiu-jitsu. In addition, the project provides all resources required, such as uniforms, balls, mats, and instructors.

  • Target Audience: Children and teens from eight municipalities in which CENIBRA operates
Action and Citizenship

Partnership with local administrations and Departments of Education, this Project is a social promotion initiative comprising educational, leisure, and health-related activities with an aim to further enhance the Company-community relationship.

  • Target Audience: Students and communities from nine municipalities in the Nova Era, Guanhães and Rio Doce Regional Units
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