The Company

EmpresaCENIBRA was set up on September 13, 1973. Located in east Minas Gerais, it’s the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce – CVRD and Japan Brazil Paper and Pulp Resources Development Co., Ltd. – JBP, which had a dream of building a large forest-based company.

Upon CVRD’s decision of disposing of its interests in forest-related companies in July 2001, JBP became the only shareholder of CENIBRA. JBP is a group of Japanese companies with broad experience and corporate relations in Brazil.

CENIBRA runs its operations in 54 counties, in which it implements a number of social and environmental projects with an aim to foster the region’s development.

The counties where CENIBRA is present are the following: Açucena, Alvinópolis, Antônio Dias, Barão de Cocais, Bela Vista de Minas, Belo Oriente, Bom Jesus do Amparo, Bom Jesus do Galho, Braúnas, Bugre, Caeté, Cantagalo, Caratinga, Catas Altas, Coluna, Coroaci, Coronel Fabriciano, Córrego Novo, Dores de Guanhães, Divinolândia de Minas, Ferros, Gonzaga, Governador Valadares, Guanhães, Iapu, Ipaba, Ipatinga, Itabira, Joanésia, Mariana, Marliéria, Materlândia, Mesquita, Naque, Nova Era, Paulistas, Peçanha, Periquito, Pingo D’Água, Rio Piracicaba, Rio Vermelho, Sabinópolis, Santa Bárbara, Santa Maria de Itabira, Santana do Paraíso, Santo Antônio do Itambé, São Domingos do Prata, São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo, São João Evangelista, Sardoá, Sem-Peixe, Senhora do Porto, Virginópolis, Virgolândia.


Generate and distibute wealth in a sustainable manner by processing planted trees.


Be an everlasting company admired by everyone.

Principles and Values

· Ethics: be respectful and truthful in all relationships;
· Commitment to results: value employees engagement , innovation and personal skills;
· Excellence: strive for quality, reliability and competitiveness;
· Sustainability: ensure competitiveness  while meeting society’s needs and preserving the environment;
· Entrepreneurship: act today aiming at the future.