Effluent Treatment Station

EstacaoTratamentoEfluentesCENIBRA’s Effluent Treatment Station is made up of pretreatment, and primary and secondary treatment systems. Secondary treatment is performed by means of an activated biological sludge process. The system comprises two biological treatment stations with aeration tanks with 20,000 m3 holding capacity, equivalent to a 10-hour holding period.

Liquid effluents generated along the different process stages are segregated into two distinct flows, namely:

High organic matter effluents

Originating from the cooking, bleaching and evaporation processes, such effluents are disposed into the Doce River after treatment.

Low organic matter effluents

These effluents are generated in areas where organic matter is not dissolved in the liquid waste. Thus, after treatment for suspended solids removal, they flow into the treated effluents piping system and are subsequently disposed into the Doce River.