Environmental Recovery

RecuperacaoAmbientalCENIBRA has carried out a number of environmental actions in the woods located along water streams, lakes and springs. The recovery of these natural ecosystems involves planting native species seedlings, protection of existing vegetation, application of fertilizers, and weed and plague control.

In excess of 200,000 native species seedlings have already been planted over an extension of 30 km on the banks of Doce River in the region of the Macedonia Farm Natural Reserve.

Grande Lake (Guanhães), São José Lake (Nova Era), Teobaldo Lake (Antônio Dias), Água Suja Lake (Belo Oriente) and Prata Lake (Santana do Paraíso) are among the water bodies whose surrounding woods are being recovered by CENIBRA. The Company keeps these areas under permanent surveillance in order to prevent forest fires, cattle treading and capture of wild animals, thus ensuring the necessary conditions for the environment recovery.