Forest Development Program

The Forest Development Program started in 1985, having the Instituto Estadual de Florestas (IEF) [Forest State Institute] as its partner, and through the years it has provided an alternative income source, work and production diversification in the rural sector.

The Program creates commercial forests in areas that are not suitable for farming or cattle raising. Forest Development, besides being a profitable agribusiness, offers further benefits to the environment and to the community, increasing the income and the quality of life of the farmers, while preserving native forests and assuring financial liquidity of the project.

Environment preservation is one of the pillars of the Program, through which the rural producers are learning to cultivate forests, thus reducing the pressure on native forests, hydric resources and local fauna.

Through Forest Development, CENIBRA integrates the communities to the Cellulose Production Business, through the production of renewable eucalyptus forests, based on a solid partnership with technology transfer, funding of activities and the supply of inputs, clonal seedlings, and specialized technical assistance.

The Program is active in 89 municipalities of the State of Minas Gerais, located within a maximum distance of 150km from its industrial Pulp Mill.