Forest Inventory and Measurements

InventarioeMenssuracaoMonitoring the forest to determine its quantitative and qualitative characteristics is the basis for a sound management of CENIBRA’s existing forest resources.

Among the characteristics evaluated the following are worth mentioning: tree diameter and height, survival over the years, volume per hectare, and tons of wood. Several field surveys are carried out to assess such characteristics.

Inventory teams measure the existing trees in tracts of land defined by means of statistic and sampling techniques. The collected data are subsequently submitted to consistency analysis, processing using modern mathematical modeling techniques, and result analysis.

InventarioeMenssuracao2Reports are issued and sent to various departments in the company. The forest inventory results are then used as a basis for resource (harvesting equipment and personnel) allocation, wood inventory control and forecast, and future productivity estimates. Besides, all the necessary steps ate taken before public entities in charge of forest activities (IEF and IBAMA) for the company to be legally able to exploit its forests.