Forest Planning

FormacaoPlanning and monitoring of the processes along the forest cycle result in safe wood supply to the pulp plant. The forest-related process reliability is checked by means of continuous measurements at the forest, operational field evaluations, and continuous improvement of the information system. Data analyses in combination with the company’s strategic definitions result in operational scenarios covering a time horizon from one week to 18 years.

Geoprocessing provides visual information about CENIBRA’s forest-related routines. In order to geographically represent the reality of the company’s forest environment, it is necessary to integrate a number of areas of knowledge, such as geodesy, topography, photogrammetry, remote sensing, cartography and system analysis; several devices, such as GPS and theodolites; expert softwares, such as Geographic Information Systems and image treatment; and techniques like topographic survey, mapping and special surveys. Additionally, several methodologies are employed, such as data modeling, coordinate transfer and network surveys. The outcome of such an integrated knowledge is the reporting of information associated to georeferenced digital maps that are extremely useful to the areas of silviculture, harvest, environment, forest management and support to the company’s strategic studies.