Forest Protection & Wood Quality

ProducaodeMudasCENIBRA gives priority to ensuring forest productivity and supply of seedlings, while maintaining the gains arising out of the improved genetic material and silvicultural management.

Research programs have been developed and monitoring measures have been adopted to control weeds, diseases and forest fires. Forest protection contemplates also the study of local fauna and its interactions with eucalyptus forests with an aim to use it as an ally in the biological stability preservation.

Besides the aspects related to forest stability and productivity, the clone research and development program takes into consideration also the raw material quality, which has an important impact on both the industrial process conditions and the final product quality and application.

Extensive investigation has been conducted to understand the effect of handling on wood characteristics and intrinsic genetic constitution in order to achieve improvements and meet both internal and external clients’ requirements.

This program has employed new technologies as prediction and analysis tools, such as genomics, wood property modeling and near infrared spectroscopy. Thus, it’s possible to make recommendations with regards to materials best suited to commercial planting, and identify the best work guidelines for forest management and genetic improvement.