Forest Quality & Information Management

GestaoDaInformacao1The wood production process is evaluated by means of modern quality management techniques, which includes periodic evaluation of the seedling production, fertilization, soil preparation, planting, cutting and transportation operations. Such a follow-up approach allows to properly control and manage all the operational activities, and it constitutes a valuable tool in the adoption of both corrective and preventive measures along the entire forest cycle.

Efficient forest resource management demands a dynamic information generation and gathering approach so as to properly reflect CENIBRA’s entire forest cycle.

The multidisciplinarity of the wood production process requires accurate, reliable information, which must be suitably shared in order to provide the company managers with analytical capabilities for critical decision making.

It’s essential to standardize, integrate and dynamize the forest-related information, as well as to review and analyze it by making use of suitable IT processes and tools. Forest system users and process managers are the main target public. Permanent attention must be given to the actual use of such information.