Forest Research and Development

PesquisaeDesenvolvimentoThe R&D area provides support to the company’s forest-related processes for enhanced productivity, improved raw material quality and maximized pulp output. It develops and promotes the internalization of technologies that improve the company competitiveness, while keeping a focus on both internal and external clients’ requirements. The ultimate outcome is lower cost, value-added production. The sustainability of wood production from planted eucalyptus forests under rational use of the natural resources available is ensured by permanent monitoring and development of alternative processes.

Technical Support to Operational Areas

A diversified expert team provides assistance to CENIBRA’s operational teams as required to solve problems and support the development activities.

Considering that the company’s management philosophy is founded on continuous improvement and utilization of state-of-the-art forest technologies, such specialized support is an essential aspect in maintaining a biological-basis production process.

Areas of activity:

– Genetic Forest Improvement
– Soils / Nourishment and Handling
– Forest Protection
– Wood Quality
– Technical Support to the Operational Areas