Portocel1The pulp produced by Cenibra is traded in the main world markets and is readily accepted by paper manufacturers with the highest requirement standards, including special papers, printing and writing paper, paper for printed circuits, tissues and cardboard.

Due to successful partnerships and ongoing efforts to exceed the expectations of our customers regarding the quality of our pulp and services, we marketed around 1.206.000 tons last year. From this total, 95% of sales were shipped to foreign markets and 5% to the Brazilian domestic market.

CENIBRA’s logistic network was designed to meet each market’s specific requirements with an aim to ensure the final customer efficient,

– All the deliveries to the domestic market are made by truck. Trucks are loaded in a sheltered area at the plant warehouse (approx. 40,000 tons storage capacity) and the material is shipped straight to the customer’s warehouse, without any transshipment.

– In the case of the export market, the vast majority of the deliveries are loaded into vessels at Portocel (specialized forest product terminal), in which CENIBRA holds a 49% interest. Portocel is located at Barra do Riacho, 70 km from Vitória, Espírito Santo state, and it’s linked to CENIBRA by railway (EFVM). Railway transportation is performed by 113 dedicated wagons, with daily trains leaving the plant bound for the port. CENIBRA’s storage area at the port totals about 53,000 sq. meters.

The main characteristics of Barra do Riacho Specialized Terminal (Portocel) are as follows:
Loading berth: 430 m
Draft: 10.30 m + high tide variation
Maximum LOA: 200 meters
Minimum number of towboats for maneuvering: 1
Warehousing capacity: 137,000 meters (considering the private warehouses)
CENIBRA keeps consignment inventories at the main European and U.S. ports for distribution to the final customers. Most recently, a new facility was set up in Changshu, China, to meet the increasing Chinese demand.