Mutum Project

 Since 1990, CENIBRA has developed a pioneering Project for Reintroduction of Birds in Danger of Extinction at Macedonia Farm: the MUTUM PROJECT. The work is carried out in the frame of a technical and scientific cooperation agreement with CRAX (Wildlife Stewardship and Reproduction Research Society), a non-government organization headquartered in Contagem (MG).

The agreement deals with the reintroduction of wild bird species in danger of extinction in their natural habitat. It is an innovative work both in Brazil and abroad, as it contemplates not only the protection or breeding of endangered species, but also their reintroduction in their original environment.

A number of bird species have been released under the project, including the red-billed curassow (Crax blumembachii), solitary tinamou (Tinamus solitarius), spot-winged wood-quail (Odontophorus capueira), yellow-legged tinamou (Crytpturellus n. noctivagus), brown tinamou (Crytpturellus obsoletus), dusky-legged guan (Penelope obscura) and black-fronted piping guan (Pipile jacutinga).

The reintroduced birds are monitored in the release area and its vicinities from time to time with an aim to collect data relative to their adaptation, spreading, reproduction, predation and quantity.

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