CENIBRA is chosen the Best Player in the “Ecological Oscar”

CENIBRA stands out in environmental awarding again

CENIBRA was the big winner in the “Best Player” category of the Hugo Werneck Sustainability & Love of Nature Award, deemed the Brazilian Oscar of ecology for being the country’s most important award in the environmental area. The winners were announced last Thursday, January 28, in an online ceremony. CENIBRA stood out for its forest protection solutions.

This year, the theme was “Modern times in times of pandemic”. Promoted by Ecológico Magazine, the award also adopted “From Charles Chaplin to Industry 4.0” as a sub-theme, drawing attention to the environmental collapse that has been around since the first Industrial Revolution, splendidly addressed by The Little Tramp in “Modern Times”, and the current technological disruption brought about by artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

In the award organizers’ view, CENIBRA masters the use of technology to protect its forest plantations and permanent preservation areas with an innovative approach. It installed high-definition, digital-processing cameras in 35 towers located in strategic points across the 54 municipalities within its area of influence with an aim to quickly fight forest fire outbreaks.

This system enables online CCTV monitoring of all the Company’s forest plantations, accurately detecting any fire outbreak in real time. In addition, the use of Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to identify outbreaks that could not be detected by humans. The AI solution has helped achieve a higher than 95% accuracy in forest fire detection.


During a critical period of forest fires in 2019, CENIBRA estimated that the adoption of an AI solution would reduce the number of occurrences by at least 5% as a result of early fire and smoke detection. Another benefit was the reduction in the fire brigade mobilization, an exhausting work that often happens at inconvenient times.

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