Quality of Living Program

The Quality of Living Program was implemented in 2002 with an aim to develop educational and preventive projects focused on the human being development and valuation, as well as on the continuous improvement of the quality of living of employees, their families, the communities and other stakeholders.

Among the activities developed, it is involving guidance about nourishment, social and sports activities, pregnancy assistance, yoga, workplace exercises and rustic racing, besides information concerning disease prevention related to stress, smoking, alcoholism and AIDS.


Its objective is to foster musical aptitude, contributing to people’s physical and affective development and improving the employees’ quality of life.

Stork Project

Employees, their pregnant wives and pregnant employees gather together for speeches on pregnancy-related subjects, childbirth and care of the newly born baby.

Good Life Week

This program’s target is to strengthen how important health is for all the employees. The program includes several physical activities, ecologic walks and educational speeches.

Off-Work Employee Recovery Project

Support is provided to employees during off-work periods, thus enabling the continuation of their social life and their return to the Company, with the consequent mitigation of social impacts.

Family-Company Integration Project

Provides conditions for the family to take part in the Company’s social life, including guidance and appreciation of the work carried out by the employees.

Work Exercise Project

This program provides guidance, encouragement and resources for the employees to change their behavior and life style. The program’s focus is occupational disease prevention.

Searching for Health Project

Fostering quality of life through behavior changes and adoption of healthy day-to-day practices. With this target in mind, CENIBRA maintains its own teams in a number of sports, such as: men’s and women’s volleyball, short-field soccer, regular soccer, court soccer and master soccer. The teams participate in a number or regional tournaments. Moreover, CENIBRA employees participate in national, regional and state rustic runs (International Pampulha Run in Belo Horizonte and 10 Miles Garoto in Vitoria). Additional activities offered by the program comprise free-of-charge yoga classes and hydrogymnastics during the working period, Global Postural Reeducation (GPR) and express massage, which may be scheduled in the Medical Center or the work posts.

Nourishment and Food Education Project

This project is engaged in educational actions to encourage the employee to think about the importance of proper nourishment, which leads to balanced environmental and organic functions and the consequent improved physical and mental condition. Once a week the Project makes available at the Plant a nutritionist who gives nutritional guidance to those employees interested in healthier food.

Family Economic Planning Project

The Company promotes two simultaneous events during the year, namely:

The Art of Spending: this program seeks to educate the employee and his/her family in the effective and useful management of the family budget, which helps to improve the family relations and as a consequence the quality of life.
Debt Renegotiation: To introduce the employee and his/her family to several tools to support debt renegotiation, with the resulting reestablishment of the family financial equilibrium.

Health week

In a celebration of the World Health Day, CENIBRA promotes the Health Week. Its purpose is to draw the employees’ attention to the importance of health care, besides encouraging them to change their behavior for a healthier life. The Health Week includes speeches and a number of other activities, such as: massage, audiometric tests, blood pressure checking, glucose test, hair test, nutritional evaluation, ecologic walk, guidance to fight the dengue fever, cancer prevention and medical care.

Living Life Project

vivendomelhor3It aims at creating the required conditions for retirement planning in order to provide suitable conditions in the new family stage, besides giving the employee and his/her family access to guidance about health, money, family and relationships, among other matters.

Adolescent Project

By acting on the transformations and uncertainties typical of the transitional period between childhood and adulthood this project leads the adolescents to think and rethink about their values and attitudes, which contributes to their personal maturity and enhanced family relations.